(a) Carrier oriented Counselling
(b) Counselling Related to psu exam
(c) Class Training Programme
(d)Test Evaluation Programme
(e)Study Material Development and Improvement.
(f)Administrative Management

It is a free of cost service, provided by the Institute. This facility is available not only to the psu exam Aspirants but also for those students who are unable to decide the suitable carrier for themselves or who are in dilemma. Keeping these objectives in view, Counseling has been divided into three parts :
Psychological Counselling :- This is ultimate for those who lacks the desired confidence for qualifying the Civil Services Examination because of their poor academic record. We suppose that every person has its own caliber. Many a times he/she is unaware of his/her calibre and qualities. We help them to introduce themselves about their real caliber and strength.
Career Oriented Counselling :- Students in our society, particularly from northern India. Most of the time remains in dilemma when i come to decide about their carrier options. This situation comes because of the defects in our education system. We cooperate and I assist the students to take their own decision about their carrier options and for their brightening future.
Counselling Related to Civil Services :- In this phase of counselling we help and cooperate those who opt Civil Services as a career How to opt optional subjects what should be the proper strategy? We assist them as per the individual’s Calibre and strength. Not of this, we also assist and help those in re-evaluation and re-framing the strategy who could not manage to qualify.

Our motto is to continuously inspire and motivate students on the path to mega success. We believe that learning is a lifelong experience and we provide every facility and amenity, every kind of right opportunity, to ensure a rich and rewarding intellectual class for the student to rise and shine in all his/her future endeavors.