It is the foremost requirement of a student to decide and choose his/her aim before he/she is going to start preparation. You must be sincere and honest enough in assessing your suitability for the Aim.
Start Early
For success in achieving your aim, it is required to start preparation right from class XI with dedication and devotion sincerely
Proper Planning
For a school going student it may be little difficult to go for academic as well as competitive studies together. If you plan and make a time table it will be an easy task for you.
It is very much important to be punctual while preparing for exam, else you may- find that some part of your syllabus is not covered and may cause lack of confidence.
Serious Approach
You must take your study as a entertaining instrument. Must feel enjoying your study. This will create a conducive atmosphere for study and avoid unwanted tension.
Identify your Weak- Subjects
Must analyse in which subject you are weak and needs to put in more efforts to improve.
Choosing Quality Study Material
You must consult good quality study material. Consulting poor quality books may result in danger or may create confusion in your mind to get confidence, better go for choosing good quality study material and depend on self study after classroom coaching.
Frequently Tests
You must undergo frequent tests within time frame to know your position about the examination standard you are appearing
Honest Approach
You must solve the problems honestly at your own. Bring your answer to the question first and then compare with the given Answer Sheet. Do not depend on ready made solutions only. This will loose your confidence.
In case you find somewhere stuck in solving problems, you must consult your friends and teachers to save time.